The visionary force behind ICON SCHOOL OF EXCELLENCE is constituted by a team which is committed and driven to push the boundaries of quality education in the city of Bangalore. The founding team is comprised of individuals coming from diverse domains viz. medicine, management, academia and psychology. It is this amalgamation of perspectives and experience of this unique team which makes ICON SCHOOL OF EXCELLENCE a truly inspiring space for your child to learn and tread towards a life of prosperity.


To unleash the creative potential of the child, to catapult the child towards greatness and to sculpt the innovators of the future.


To provide an unconditional nurturing environment for every child to get in touch with their innate potential for creativity and innovation, to provide support, guidance and mentoring to every child to tap his/her potential and propel towards infinite possibilities to accomplish greatness and to them the nurturing platform to explore the infinite opportunities the world has to offer.


Mr. Nishanth N

Founder & Chairman 

I believe that the best investment we can do to build a better nation is to invest in children. As an educational entrepreneur, my vision is to give your child the very best of education which empowers him/her to be independent thinkers and responsible citizens. I am reiterating on behalf of the entire management and administrators that – Our time, energy and dreams are invested in making your child the best role model that others can look up to.

I firmly believe that children close their ears to advice but open their eyes to examples and role models. I pledge along with my team to put our best efforts to provide exceptional learning environment to your child with the best of teachers and facilitators, so that your child does not just get lessons to enhance knowledge but get examples to build character and strength.

I seek your support to make your child’s life a truly an exceptional one. I understand that there isn’t a greater joy to you than seeing your child become a role model to others. Join hands with my team for a brighter future of your child.

Mr. Hareesh J.V

Co-Founder & Trust (R) President 

We are committed to ensure that your children develops holistically. We understand that each child is unique, therefore we channelize our efforts in teaching children using methods that they learn best. We focus on making your child intellectually vibrant, emotionally mature and socially skillful. We at ICON SCHOOL OF EXCELLENCE are dedicated to build leadership skills in your child so he/she can act as catalyst in their field of choice.
Ms. Navya N

School Operations Manager

We cherish your child just as much as you do. We believe in building on their strengths and chiseling them into individuals who are positive and vibrant. We envision that your child develops skills of collaboration, yet retaining competitive spirit to excel. We believe in laying the foundation so strong that your child is anchored safely and finds encouragement to explore the world and its opportunities for a better and glorious life.
Ms. Ashwini N.V

Psychologist & Internal Quality Assurance Advisor

It is said that ‘Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better’. This is our motto at the ‘Internal Quality Assurance Cell’ (IQAC) of ICON SCHOOL OF EXCELLENCE. We are continuously looking for improvising our processes to ensure that your child receives nothing but the very best of education. We use tri-partite approach to improvise and excel in our processes: We train management, faculty and parents, along with children. We are committed to providing your child the best of teaching-learning experience, infrastructure, and ambience which will ensure that your child’s potential is actualized.


A journey of a thousand mile begins with a small step. The founding of ICON SCHOOL OF EXCELLENCE too originated with a dream and vision to contribute to the welfare of the country by providing world-class, and cutting edge education at affordable price. ICON SCHOOL OF EXCELLENCE is the brain child of the founders who have been social entrepreneurs, who has always had education as their prime focus over the last decade.


Provides World-Class Infrastructural Support

Renders Cutting-Edge Smart Classrooms

Team of Highly Qualified & Trained Teaching Faculty

Emphasis on Co-Scholastic Learning & Life skills

Conduct Supportive Parent Enrichment Programmes

Organize Educational Field Trips for students

Focus on Child Health Care with Exclusive Sick room

Equipped with Well-Stocked Library

Provision of In-House Psychologists

Multi-Sensory approach learning for Kindergartens

Strives on providing techno-functional Curriculum

Undertake Workshops for Students, Parents & Faculty


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